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Dead Call Center Talking

Why IVRs and Benchmarking Are Likely Dooming Your Customer’s Experience

Discover why so many call center operations have no chance to satisfy, let
alone delight, customers; and how good call centers can move closer to


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Part I: Strategic IVR Management

Strategies and Best Practices for Improving
The IVR Experience


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In part I of this series, Mark Miller, Senior Director of
J.D. Power's Contact Center Practice discusses why many current IVR strategies, technologies and policies unwittingly create significant problems for their customers, operation and their brand. 


Specifically, you will learn:

  • The most common strategic error being made today regarding how IVRs are being used
  • Call routing strategies and their implications
  • The big DO's and DON'Ts with your IVR system
  • IVR capabilities that lead to a better customer experience and some that dont’s



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Part II: Benchmarks From Top Performers

How Customer Centric Companies Perform

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  When it comes to benchmarking, there are two key
  questions that need to be answered, but often aren’t


1. “Who should organizations benchmark against?”

2. “When should benchmarks be ignored?”


In Part II of this series, Mark offers perspective on these questions and shares key insights, performance standards and leading practices gleaned from J.D. Power's Certified Call Center Program. You will learn:

  • Performance Benchmarks from top performers
  • Operations KPI’s from top performers
  • Strategic priorities common among top performers



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